Welcome to shop 999

           In this shop you can purchase finished and ready to ship Mulberry Paper Flowers. All the items in this shop can be shipped within 24-48 hrs. The purpose of this shop is to help you to get the flowers you want in your time flame. Normally, if you select items from products catalog and place order, we will need 7-45 days for production, this is depend on the quantity of the flower you placed order too and the shipping from Thailand to your country also take time. So, if there are items as you wanted already in the SHOP 999 that would help you save your time and do not have to wait 7-45 days of production (Sometimes, production may take longer time than 45 days). We hope you found items you wanted here in SHOP 999 and enjoy your shopping. Please feel free to CONTACT US, if you have question about products and service. Thank you very much!